Cooks in the Kitchen

Jonas Flint - Makes Things look Nice

When Jonas is not busy with spending time with his wife and two kids, he is engaged in trying to make the web a more beautiful place one pixel at a time. He enjoys focusing his attention in creating simple, yet intuitive interfaces for real human beings. He is also the principle organizer and project manager and front end coder. Jonas also enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and is a avid gamer.

Regie Ebalobor - Makes It All Work Right

When it comes to painting code we think there is no finer artist then good ol' Reg. Regie, also busy being daddy and hubby, also finds himself knee deep in coding goodness, and we've yet to throw a challenge his way that he hasn't overcome. Regie currently handles all of the database design, the heavy lifting with ajax, javascript and jquery. And cooking up creative implementations using php & mysql. Regie is also know to play a tune or two with his guitar, and is a big movie buff.

Shedyl Maravillas - Updates and maintains, stays up too late

Shedyl is our newest addition, and is proving to be a promising jedi in training. If your website needs some touching up, or updating, most likely it will be through her. Currently a student, Shedyl spends much of her time studying and learning and falling asleep on many of our 2:00 am training sessions. We forgive her though, because we think this is a indication of being diligent and working hard, and staying up late to go the extra mile.